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How long will these fixed rates last?

How long will these fixed rates last?

August 04, 2022
The 10-Year Treasury yield, seen as the main benchmark for fixed-style investment products (CDs, Fixed/Fixed-Index Annuities, etc.), took off in Q2, spending most of June above 3%. Rates offered on these products have risen to the highest we've seen in well over a decade, ranging from 4.30% to 4.60% Fixed, and 10%-12% Index caps.
The question for investors seeking safe interest becomes... Act now or wait?
The 10-Year Treasury's two appearances above 3% in the last decade were very short-lived.
(See chart below)
We're seeing an eerily similar course here in 2022.
June 14, 2022 (peak): 3.48%
End of July 2022: 2.64%