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Checklist for Handling the Death of a Spouse

Rodney Brooks  |  Published: August 13, 2021

When your spouse dies, their affairs need to be set in order. You might find yourself planning a funeral, paying bills and closing accounts. The list of things you need to do can seem endless, especially during a time when you are also grieving. These emotions can be especially strong if the death is unexpected.

Living expenses for one person are often not much less than living expenses for two. Your mortgage or rent will probably remain the same. Some expenses may even increase if you need to hire someone to do something your spouse previously did. David D'Eredita, a financial planner and founder of Rise Private Wealth Advisors in Tucson, Arizona, lost his wife unexpectedly...
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MARKET WATCH | Help Me Retire
I’m 33 and want to retire at 40, but have expensive medical needs — how can I achieve financial independence?
By: Alexandra Malito  |  Published: August 12, 2021


I am a 33-year-old that is actively saving and building toward a passive income stream enabling me to either retire early or shift to a nonprofit career instead of my current job in tech. I have about $200,000 in taxable investment accounts, $120,000 in liquid savings, and own my home with a $240,000 mortgage and about $300,000 in equity. My 401(k) and Roth are both maxed each year and have a combined value of $70,000 right now. I currently make around $120,000 a year, and my long-term partner adds about $40,000 to shared income, but we are not married and file separately. I have a dividend portfolio providing $5,000 a year in passive income, with a goal of growing that to $15,000 in the next few years. I want to achieve financial independence by 40, which I am currently defining as more than $20,000 in passive income and my mortgage paid off. I also have some chronic health issues that require regular and expensive medical care — a gold or platinum plan under the ACA is essential. My question is: how do you advise calculating the passive income needed for early retirement, in my 40s instead of 60s? What asset level would be considered “safe”? I expect to have some income after leaving tech, whether from consulting or nonprofit work, but want to be effective in securing my passive streams.

Appreciate any input, and thank you!

– A curious investor

“Retirement is about income, not assets,” said David D’Eredita, founder and investment adviser with Rise Private Wealth Advisors. He suggests mapping out your core living expenses and lifestyle expenses (you may have to use estimates as you aren’t planning to make this change for another seven years) and then making a...
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Retirement Planning: How to Start a Retirement Fund
By: Carla Fried, John Schmidt  |  Published: July 6, 2021

Even though you know it’s good for your long-term financial health, deciding how to save for retirement can be less than appealing. The good news is that you can knock this off your to-do list quickly. Here’s how to start a retirement fund.

“The chance to build retirement savings that will be 100% tax free is something everyone should consider,” says David
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What Happens When The Feds Cuts Interest Rates?
By: Brian O'Connell, Benjamin Curry  |  Published: June 23, 2021

Bubble economy. Crisis. Recession. These terms have become all too familiar to Americans over the last decade and a half. When maladies like these begin to undermine the U.S. economy, it’s the job of the Federal Reserve to jump in and cut interest rates to help things get back to normal.

“Reactionary investment actions are rarely great ones,” says David D’Eredita, founder of Rise Private Wealth Advisor, in Tucson, Ariz. “Changes to the economic environment really shouldn’t be...
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How to Choose a Target Date Fund
By: Brian O'Connell, Benjamin Curry  |  Published: June 18, 2021

Life is complicated enough, so retirement planning shouldn’t have to be. Choosing a target date fund can make planning for retirement a whole lot easier.

About 45% of the world’s total market capitalization is in companies based outside of the United States. “You want to peel back the onion of a target date fund and make sure it owns international stocks,” says David D’Eredita...[Continue Reading]

5 Money Moves to Set up New College Grads for Financial Success
By: Ryan Ermey  |  Published: June 4, 2021

Virtually no one graduates from school with a complete financial playbook, and many grads get their first job and rent their first apartment without receiving much of a financial education. Where to begin? How about here: Read on for the first five things financial advisors say every new grad should do to put themselves on track toward financial well-being and success.

“Right from the start, day one, you need to make a budget,” says David D’Eredita...
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Scottsdale Wealth Advisory: Invest With Purpose For A Successful Retirement
By: Zoey Thompson  |  Published: August 15, 2019

Scottsdale Wealth Advisory is one of the most respected financial advisory service providers in the Southwestern US, offering full service financial management, educational resources and events to the public. 

“Scottsdale Wealth Advisory was launched with a vision and set of principles that we continue to maintain as a firm,” explains Senior Vice President David D’Eredita. “We are ever-mindful of our role as a...[Continue Reading]

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