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At Rise, the core of our process is to ensure that one's entire financial picture is considered upon design, implementation, and management of his or her investment plan. Our approach to wealth management considers all facets of your financial life, including advanced planning matters of retirement income, tax management, wealth transfer, and preservation. We strive to deliver this expertise while maintaining our commitment to a first-class level of client service.

"The secret to getting ahead is getting started." – Mark Twain


We start with a conversation...

The first discussion is not about making any investment changes or decisions, and we certainly have nothing to sell you. It is an opportunity for us to get to know you, and for you to get to know us. You can expect us to be direct in speaking to your concerns and relevant in educating you on your options.

We know you are not interested in wasting your time.  We feel the same.  If we can add meaningful value then we'll schedule a Financial Strategy meeting with you.  If your plans have you in a great spot already, we will gladly communicate that and welcome you to lean on us as a resource.


Within 1-2 weeks of your Discovery meeting, you will meet with your advisor to discuss your Financial Strategy.  Though it's not time for final investment decisions just yet.  We want to be certain that we're the right fit for each other.  We'll further explore: the level of risk you feel comfortable taking, your cash flow picture, what is your time horizon, and what are your expectations.

We invest into R&D...

We believe there is no shortcut to diligent Research in the Design of each client's optimal financial strategy.  Plans cannot be templated or universally applied to all clients.  Acknowledging this means we dig in with a fresh perspective, free of bias and assumptions, and with a keen awareness for the details.  


With the right plan designed and the right reasons at heart, it's time to make a commitment. We will organize the documents to formalize our relationship and the new investment plan.


We know that new can be nerve-wrecking.  Among our top concerns in getting started are ensuring you remain confident, never in the dark, and with complete access.  Upon implementation of your investment plan we plan early check-ins and schedule our first review meeting:

1-Month Check-in: We'll ensure everything is reconciled and walk through your Private Client Portal access.

3-Month Check-in: Confirm your receipt & understanding of statements. We'll touch on how future reviews will look.

6-Month Review: First regular progress review to ensure we're staying on track and meeting your goals. Next 6-month review is scheduled.

Curious if we're the right fit?  Let's Talk.

Thank you!
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